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3Z Movimentação Inteligente believes that the capacity of the employees is the most precious asset of any organization. Providing them with the best working conditions and quality of life, and ensuring they can carry out their activities in complete safety with the latest equipment, has contributed not only to the successful outcome of operations, but also to the full satisfaction of employees and customers served by the company. 3Z has gained recognition by its customers and partners around the country for giving value to people as well as for applying a more human approach in working relationships and focusing on continuous improvement. 3Z has a complete structure for in-house training in all areas, in which technical and material resources that are constantly updated are used. Specific trainings are provided by our vehicles and equipment manufacturers either in their headquarters or in the units of our company – a team building, professional development and motivational practice that has produced excellent results. The company’s staff is made up of qualified professionals in all specific areas, especially in technical areas such as transportation, movement and operation engineering, in which there is a great need to keep up with the technical knowledge and the application of the latest technologies. This is how 3Z Movimentação Inteligente has found its way in the market and has fully met the most varied contracts in highly complex jobs. This business awareness has enabled 3Z to reach international standards of excellence as well as international recognition in its field.


Tower cranes equipped with world-renowned latest manufacturing technology, which optimizes the newest and most modern building systems.

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Complete range of telescoping and lattice boom cranes of up to 750 tons capacity on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages for the segment of transportation and horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

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Telescopic and articulated aerial work platforms from 45 feet (13 m) to 135 feet (41 m). All-wheel-steer telehandlers suitable for handling horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

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Outstanding know-how and "intelligence in moving" engineering in the most varied and complex handling operations using modern equipment.

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