3Z Movimentação Inteligente


3Z Movimentação Inteligente excels in the provision of transportation and horizontal and vertical movement of loads with specialized machinery, Tractor trucks, Low Flatbed Semi-Trailers, heavy load trucks, support vehicles, cranes, Truck mounted telescopic cranes, tower cranes, platforms, and handlers, among other equipment.

Along the years – with a modern, daring and innovative view, 3Z has been developing well-grounded and long-lasting partnerships directing its attention to continuous improvement in business, constantly seeking the full satisfaction of its customers and partners. The outcome of such practices can be demonstrated by the rich portfolio constituted of important and complex projects successfully performed.

Always attentive to the challenges of an increasingly globalized world, the company recently implemented the transition of its brand – in the past recognized as Zandoná Guindastes (Zandona Cranes). 3Z’s ongoing focus on the continuous improvement process of its services is acknowledged in the allocation of resources in its strategic planning to promote the professional development and motivation of its employees as well as the modernization of machinery and equipment. The investment in technology and research, combined with the integrated development and vitality of the company, has guaranteed to 3Z Movimentação Inteligente high performance in services as well as quality on the end result and safety in the execution of all operations.

In this sense, the company is establishing a new era in the services it provides, proving year after year to be a pioneer and leader in the import of state-of-the-art and heavy-duty machinery in Brazil.

Today, 3Z Movimentação Inteligente is fully adapted to new global trends, working with flexibility and agility to cater for clients’ specific needs and establishing solid and long-lasting partnerships.


Tower cranes equipped with world-renowned latest manufacturing technology, which optimizes the newest and most modern building systems.

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Complete range of telescoping and lattice boom cranes of up to 750 tons capacity on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages for the segment of transportation and horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

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Telescopic and articulated aerial work platforms from 45 feet (13 m) to 135 feet (41 m). All-wheel-steer telehandlers suitable for handling horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

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Outstanding know-how and "intelligence in moving" engineering in the most varied and complex handling operations using modern equipment.

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Av. A. J. Renner, 2333 - Humaitá - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
Fone/Fax: +55 51 3375.8383

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