3Z Movimentação Inteligente

Differential advantages

3Z Movimentação Inteligente has emerged in the market in its working areas due to the solid company policies, including in the strategic planning the search for consolidation of some important accomplishments, such as being a pioneering company in the provision of the best and safest equipment for transportation and horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

3Z is the only company in South America to have Liebherr’s lattice boom wheel-mounted crane LG 1750 (750 tons), and also the pioneer in Brazil in the acquisition of 550 and 750 wheel-mounted cranes and in the import of heavy duty and state-of-the-art cranes – the largest company in the south of Brazil in the sector. The fleet of 30 tons capacity and above is exclusively formed by machinery from Liebherr, the world’s leading manufacturer in the field.

3Z holds an outstanding portfolio of accomplishments with international recognition in regards to the execution of services in major constructions. The utilization of software to simulate operations through detailed study of engineering is an essential prerequisite to successful operations.


Tower cranes equipped with world-renowned latest manufacturing technology, which optimizes the newest and most modern building systems.

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Complete range of telescoping and lattice boom cranes of up to 750 tons capacity on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages for the segment of transportation and horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

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Telescopic and articulated aerial work platforms from 45 feet (13 m) to 135 feet (41 m). All-wheel-steer telehandlers suitable for handling horizontal and vertical movement of loads.

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Outstanding know-how and "intelligence in moving" engineering in the most varied and complex handling operations using modern equipment.

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Av. A. J. Renner, 2333 - Humaitá - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
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